"A successful life is the result of a well executed plan,
and a well formulated What If plan.”
- Marsha Rae McBean

My mission as an advisor is to help my clients visualize and realize the lives they dream of. Each client is unique and should be treated as such. Based on your particular circumstances and goals, I will help you develop a plan to make your dreams into reality in spite of what life throws your way.

My trademark personalized care is extended also to my corporate clients who benefit from solutions tailor made to meet their unique needs with consideration for their financial goals.

I look forward to the honour of serving you.

You and Your Personal Vision

Ahead of our first session please take a moment to complete the following activities:

Vision Board

  • Visualize and document the goals you want to achieve. 
  • This activity will help determine the steps required to achieve your goals.

Financial Snapshot

  • Assess your income, expenses and disposable income.
  • This activity will help identify financial changes required to achieve goals.

What-If Plan

  • Make a game plan for life’s unforeseen circumstances. 
  • This activity will help you make a plan for if things don’t go as planned.

One-on-One Consultation

Your consultation with me will touch all aspects of your financial life and provide you with information to properly manage your affairs, ensuring that the things most important to you are protected and your goals are achieved irrespective of the challenges life throws your way.

Consultation will cover:

  • Personal Management

                            Goal Setting & Goal Achievement

  • Money Management

                            Emergency Fund & Investments

  • Risk Management

                           What-if Planning & Insurance

  • Estate Management

                           Wills & Power of Attorneys

Business Insurance Consultation can also be scheduled by clicking the above button.

My Weekly Webinar

Join me online every Wednesday at 6:30 pm where I discuss developing Your What If Plan and other Personal Financial Management Principles. What if: You Die, You Become Ill or You Lose Your Job. How will that affect you, your family, your finances, your goals?

A proper What If Plan will provide protection and peace of mind that you will not be caught unprepared for you, your loved ones and lifestyle irrespective of what life throws your way. Giving you well deserved peace of mind.


It is said that money makes the world go around…most won’t agree. But all can agree that not having money creates challenges. The aim of your Life’s work is to ensure you have enough money to provide for you and your loved ones for your life time. Hence your money management skills will have a great impact on your lifestyle over your lifetime.


Testimonial Two

Marsha Rae McBean does not provide a sales pitch as most others in the profession ordinarily do. For me, she is more of a life coach. She asks the right questions that lead you to a realization of what you need. She then helps you to decipher what your needs are and helps you to tailor your solution.

She is a tower of resources for setting your financial goals and organizing your life so that your plan works for you and your family. Marsha Rae’s strategy, empowers you, to take charge and make changes in your life and finances to help secure your peace of mind.

Dr. Sherene James-Williamson

Testimonial One

Marsha Rae is a highly professional and committed advisor who seeks to work with clients in order to develop and achieve attainable goals in the best interest of them and their dependents. Having been my advisor for many years I can attest to the quality of advice, products and services she offers.

Dr. Damion Harvey