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Safeguard the Wellbeing of Team Members

Your team members are your biggest assets. Invest in group insurance coverage and provides your team members with the peace of mind that will promote productivity. Group Insurance plans are provided at premium rates that are lower than individual insurance plans making it a benefit your team members will thank your for. Group coverage is available for both personal and property coverage. Start a conversation with me today!

Small Group Plans

Life, Health, Critical Illness and Income Replacement Insurance for groups as small as five (5) team members. These newly developed plans make coverage available to small businesses that was previously only reserved for large groups. A great incentive and well-needed benefit for workers of small businesses.

Large Group Plans

Life, Health, Critical Illness and Income Replacement Insurance provided for employee: employer groups of more than fifty (50) team members. These policies are tailor made to the unique needs of the group and costed based on the unique make up of your team.

International Life and Health Group Plans

The same world class coverage available on an individual basis, made available to large groups at lower premium rates and with less underwriting requirements. An excellent and well-deserved benefit for company executives, that provides necessary peace of mind and stability to the team members and the organization.

International Critical Illness

High Value United States dollars denoted polices that pay cash lump sums based on diagnosis of any of the following critical illnesses: internal cancer, heart attack, stroke, chronic kidney failure or need for a major organ transplant. A cost effective way to provide funds when team members become critically ill.

Motor Vehicle Fleets

As with any group insurance offerings, discounted premium rates can be accessed for motor vehicle fleets with more than ten (10) vehicles. Fleets can comprise of commercial vehicles owned by the company and personal motor vehicles owned by staff. This is an exceptional benefit to afford your team.

Voluntary Group Plans

Otherwise called Affinity Group Plans, these are group insurance plans created for groups of persons who are connected because of a special cause. These plans make necessary benefits available to persons who do not qualify for employee-employer group plans. Affinity groups include: Professional Associations, Churches and Schools.

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