Personal Solutions

Secure Personal Peace of Mind

As a local and international insurance expert, I am able to develop for my clients insurance portfolios that cover their unique needs in the most economical way securing value for money and further reducing risk through diversification.

Investing in insurance makes monies available when unexpected needs arise preventing undue stress on your financial resources and derailing financial plans. A balanced financial portfolio comprises of : earnings, savings, investments and insurance.

Insurance premiums cost a small fraction of the benefit policies payout in a time of need making it a wise investment. Investing in insurance saves dollars and makes sense.

International Life Insurance

High value USD Life Insurance coverage available at very competitive premium rates with convenient enrollment and underwriting processes. Up to 300,000 USD coverage available without a medical examination. Great for loan collateral.

International Health Insurance

International Health Insurance coverage that provides comprehensive coverage for routine, major medical and emergency medical at home and abroad. 100% for Cancer, Surgery, Dialysis, Organ Transplant, Air Ambulance and many more. Get peace of mind that wherever you are you are protected.

Local Insurance

Depending on your needs, a local insurance programme can be developed for you to ensure that your current and future needs are met. Programme can include: Investment options as well as Life, Health, Critical Illness, and Personal Accident Insurance options.

Personal Pension Plans

Put a plan in place to secure your income and lifestyle after retirement. Local and International Investment Options are available to allow you to save towards your golden days. Benefit from compound interest and tax-free savings though solutions that will provide peace of mind during your retirement.

Estate Planning Solutions

The most overlooked and yet possibly the most important pillar of a Financial Plan is an Estate Plan. An Estate Plan is a documented guide of how your affairs are to be handled in the event you become disabled or die. A properly developed estate plan will ensure your are affairs are managed in accordance with your wishes in spite of what life may bring.

General Insurance

Safeguard the value of your largest financial investments, your home, your car, your possessions thought general insurance. With access to plans from all general insurance companies, benefit from knowing which company will provide the best value for money for your unique needs.

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