Protect Yourself​

We often do not recognize that our physical, physiological and mental ability to work is the driving force behind our ability to achieve our financial goals and support of our loved ones. Your health is indeed your wealth!

Along with a balanced diet and regular exercise, insurance is critical to your health management. Health insurance provides monies to cover medical expenses, the absence of which can lead to a drastic change in lifestyle. Imagine if there arises a need for urgent multi-million-dollar surgery:

  • Do you have the liquidity to cover such an expense?
  •  Do you have assets to sell?
  • Would you be able to qualify for a loan?
  • Would you have to depend on the charity of others?

Invest in International Comprehensive Health Insurance Programme (ICHIP) for comprehensive coverage for routine, major medical and emergency medical expenses both at home and abroad.

To continue your education on how to prepare for the worst, register for my free “What-If Planning” Webinar or a one-on-on consultation. For your enrichment, I have prepared clear and concise insights to inform you of what you need to know about protecting what is most important to you. I urge you to read all. I look forward to helping you build a What-If Plan to meet your unique needs.